Almost 3 years ago Havering DFAS Young Arts Team were searching for a new project as we had completed over 10 years of Havering schools' arts competitions and felt we needed to find new territory. The idea of approaching our local hospice, St. Francis, stemmed from an article which appeared in the NADFAS Review and it co-incided with St.Francis setting up a project entitled "Fireworks and Feelings" which was supporting bereaved children through art. Twice a year the Hospice holds Art Days where the children aged between 5-16 are invited to express their feelings through different mediums of art - crayons, watercolours, painting on china, etc.

The day is supported by Hospice staff and the Havering Young Arts Team who spend time with the individual children, encouraging and listening to them. The YA Team attend training sessions at the Hospice in order that they can be of most benefit to the children. Each child is encouraged to create one "special" art work which is later framed by the Y.A.Team and eventually hung, again by the Team, for public viewing in Brentwood Library. Parents and close friends are then invited and a social time is much enjoyed with refreshments supplied by the Y.A. Team. Financially, HDFAS have contributed £200 annually to the Hospice towards art materials, provided frames & mounts, and refreshments for the public viewing. This money has been funded by a grant from NADFAS's Patricia Faye Memorial Fund and the generosity of Havering NADFAS members by way of raffles, etc.

We hope that this will be an ongoing project, as unfortunately, each year there are around 40 bereaved children at the Hospice. Not only is it felt that this is an extremely worthwhile project but it is an expression of feelings in art not often afforded to the children and we are keen that with HDFAS help they will be able to continue. The Young Arts Team